Enjoy latency-optimised networks globally, powered by real-time analytics

Enjoy latency-optimised networks globally, powered by real-time analytics

Latency is a big challenge for enterprises; it makes it difficult to deliver at scale, and it can be expensive to mitigate. Ori Industries and LatenceTech understand the unique challenges for scaling software businesses, and are partnering to provide a joint edge-native solution that lets network owners manage, analyse and improve latency private networks for edge deployments.

Solution Overview

Enterprises require scalable, highly reliable and low-latency networks to operate seamlessly at scale. Ori Global Edge offers a single orchestration layer for multiple deployments to be managed across any infrastructure environment. By leveraging LatenceTech edge insights and analytics, the solution provides guaranteed low-latency, high-performance connectivity for enterprises. LatenceTech in turn tracks ultra-low latency behaviours in changing environments to analyse variations, detect anomalies, prevent degradations and obtain insights to improve private & 5G networks.

LatenceTech is a 5G-ready solution that provides the intelligence needed to understand and support end-to-end network performance, including network latency and quality of service (QoS). LatenceTech helps businesses to improve network speed and latency, increase real time analytics of Quality of Experience (QoE), provide optimised networks globally and decrease mobile data usage with predictive network analytics. LatenceTech allows for latency-optimised networks with realtime 5G analytics.

Guaranteed Low Latency at Scale

The best way to increase reliability and resilience is to combine edge compute capabilities with advanced analytics. LatenceTech runs best-in-class real-time AI & ML models to identify the best locations across distributed networks, leveraging Ori Global Edge’s highly available platform to orchestrate workloads with guaranteed low latencies.

LatenceTech is an innovative way to track, predict and deploy latency-optimised 5G networks. Using SaaS and AI, and in partnership with Ori, LatenceTech helps mobile operators, telecom vendors and enterprises to track, predict and secure the new benefits of 5G and Private LTE cellular networks. LatenceTech collects real-time 5G network data to perform aggregation and advanced analytics using AI & ML tools, and present key 5G indicators to accurately track customer commitments & SLAs. The joint solution offers a new approach to monetising low-latency 5G connectivity by providing tools to monitor contractual commitments related to quality of service.

Let’s Talk

The joint solution is an advanced analytics and edge computing platform that combines the best of both computing worlds. It’s a cloud-based service that provides real-time data analysis and advanced visualisations, while also allowing you to store data in the cloud or on servers at your location.

To find out more about how LatenceTech and Ori Industries enable operators to run private networks with unparalleled performance, extracting key data from their infrastructure to minimise costly lag and to enable use cases to operate at scale securely, download the Solution Brief.

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