Gartner Top Trends Impacting Infrastructure & Operations in 2021

Gartner top IT trends for 2021 includes multi cloud

In February this year, Gartner produced an article focused on the COVID-19 shift from in-office to remote work, Gartner Top 6 Trends Impacting Infrastructure & Operations in 2021. It is worth considering these trends and how multi-cloud to edge computing companies like Ori Industries are building the necessary technology to enable I&O success.


BMC offers an excellent overview of these IT teams in their blog I&O Organizations Defined: Roles, Structures, and Trends:

“Infrastructure and Operations, I&O, teams are broadly responsible for the administration and management of technology, information, and data. These teams manage a variety of elements including computers, servers, processes, networking, storage, data, software, security, and cloud-based services. Leaders of these teams are also responsible for hiring and training; creating policies; conducting testing; installing upgrades; and completing repairs.”

The leadership role on these teams is also shifting as indicated by Ross Winser, a senior analyst for Gartner, “The focus of I&O leaders is no longer to solely deliver engineering and operations, but instead delivery products and services that support and enable an organisation’s business strategy.”

Anywhere Operations

While many companies had remote work capabilities for specific workers such as sales or regional marketing, IT teams were reluctant to work remotely. The growth in distributed companies is now applicable to IT teams forcing a rethink in IT operations locations.

Secure access to corporate infrastructure is a key part of our Ori Global Edge (OGE) Platform as we enable access to workloads for employees over a broad set of networks with our Ori Net backbone as well as 5G telco edge capabilities. We make anywhere truly anywhere.

Optimal Infrastructure

I&O teams are moving away from “infra & operations” to “integration and operations” which requires a new view on how to deliver and manage services as integration into various technologies is critical. The rapid growth of cloud, edge, and computational storage offer innovative solutions for faster, secure services at a lower cost.

Ori is leading the way for deployment options including, on-prem, multi-cloud, telco edge, and 5G private networks. Ori Global Edge Platform offers a secure, centralised management solution for global orchestration to the optimal location while leaving the complexity to us.

Distributed Cloud

The ability to flexibly leverage not only multiple clouds but also locations is gaining popularity as enterprises look to reduce overall IT costs while offering better service to employees or customers.

Our technology is designed specifically for this innovation as we also bring edge sites into the distributed model from a single centralised platform. Our Intelligence services within OGE also provide automation to place workloads in the optimal location based on cost, latency, location, etc.

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