Simple, highly-available and Kubernetes-native synchronisation deployment

simple, highly-available and effective synchronisation deployment that is kubernetes native

Financial services institutions are in the midst of a revolution. While their customers require interactive, realtime and reliable digital experiences, IT teams are having to manage an increasing number of backend services to deliver these experiences.

Ensuring hyper-accurate, synchronised metrics for key applications, is dependent on accurate timing for Kubernetes infrastructure with minimal maintenance. This ensures the efficiency needed for these services. With Ori and Timebeat, accurate timing can be provided to any Kubernetes node with virtually no effort.

Solution Overview

Speed, accuracy and flexibility make Timebeat the perfect solution for enterprises looking to leverage a complete synchronisation platform with detailed monitoring metrics and reporting. Deployed over the Ori Global Cloud platform, Timebeat delivers seamless performance without compromising on agility. The joint solution offers a simple, highly-available and effective synchronisation deployment.

Timebeat and Ori Global Cloud provide a frictionless experience for enterprises to ensure their services are resilient and scalable. This enables them to focus on deployments without the need to configure, support & operate every single backend system or configuration. Major features of the joint solution include:

  • Agility: Enterprises can innovate without compromise to meet their evolving business needs on demand and at scale. Designed to meet regulatory requirements, Timebeat’s powerful dashboards coupled with deployment reporting and monitoring through OGC streamlines regulation compliance.
  • Scalability: Enterprises need to streamline the applications and services they run. By leveraging excellent performance without compromising on price, Timebeat and Ori offer simple, available and effective deployments for any IT environment.

To find out more about how Timebeat and Ori Industries enable accurate synchronised timing for critical applications, making porting them to Kubernetes environments simpler, get in touch! With Ori and Timebeat, accurate timing can be provided to Kubernetes nodes with virtually no effort.

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