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Empowering SMBs with AI: How Emediately is building powerful LLM solutions on Ori’s AI Native GPU cloud

Discover how Ori is helping Emediately bring powerful AI solutions to small and medium businesses.


"Ori's GPU cloud platform has made AI compute very accessible to growing AI startups like us, especially with respect to ease of use, affordability and regulatory requirements."


Emediately is democratizing cutting-edge AI for small & medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by developing an all-in-one application that hosts leading large language models (LLMs) for SMB use cases in a cost-effective and secure way. Emediately’s fully-encrypted LLM solution is designed to supercharge SMB productivity by speeding up day-to-day tasks such as content creation, communication, human resources, and operations. By focusing on ease-of-use, security and privacy, the company aims to leverage AI to elevate the way SMBs run their business.

Leveraging Ori’s powerful, affordable and simple GPU VMs

Emediately currently trains and finetunes their custom LLMs on powerful NVIDIA V100S GPUs via Ori’s on-demand cloud.  As Emediately’s platform scales, they are excited about leveraging the Ori cloud in the future to run large scale inference instances for their customers.

Here’s how Ori’s AI Native Cloud is powering Emediately’s innovative AI solutions for SMBs:

  • Emediately loves the ease of use that stems from Ori’s intuitive cloud console. Users are able to clearly visualize the information they need and start/suspend servers whenever they need to.  
  • Per-minute billing and transparent virtual machine (VM) pricing has helped Emediately experiment with their models without the stress of surprise GPU bills. 
  • Ori’s global presence has enabled Emediately to adhere to regulatory requirements better by hosting models within the United Kingdom, their primary geographical market. 

“Ori’s ease of use is so good that as the non-technical co-founder I’m able to manage GPU usage and understand billing clearly. Additionally, I’d give Ori 5-stars for affordability.” 

As Emediately accelerates its go-to-market journey, Jaymie envisions a future of growth and innovation to be the ideal AI partner for SMBs to amplify everyday productivity.

Grow your AI business with us

Ori is the cost effective, easy-to-use, and customizable AI Native GPU platform for startups and AI-focused enterprises. Here’s how Ori can help you in your AI/ML journey:

  • Deploy AI-optimized GPU instances for training, finetuning and inference workloads.
  • Significantly reduce GPU costs compared to traditional cloud providers.
  • Scale effortlessly from on-demand to custom private clouds with bare-metal, virtual machines and Kubernetes GPU instances.

Ready to power your AI/ML models with high-performance and affordable GPUs? Get started on Ori today! If you’d like to have a conversation about using Ori in your business, please contact our sales team.

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