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Stop Automating, Start Orchestrating!

Successful organisations already operate in terms of objectives and outcomes, and to control the cost of complexity, DevOps automation processes must...

Migrating a CRA project to Vite.js

Ori's journey from CRA to Vite.js: The challenges we faced, the benefits we reaped, and why we felt the need to make the shift.


How a multi-cloud strategy helps banks

We delve into the benefits of multi-cloud strategies for banks, and outline four key areas where multi-cloud could impact banks for the better


The Challenges of Building Multi Cloud

Building a multi-cloud environment can present unique challenges for organizations. Our blog delves into the complexities and offers solutions for a...

The Challenges of Multi-Cloud

Uncover the obstacles faced by organisations operating across multicloud: how to optimise performance, reduce costs, and maintain security.


Introduction to Infrastructure as Code

Learn the ins and outs of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and its significance in software development. Explore the benefits and best practices in our...

Ori acquires provisioning tool Multy

The acquisition consolidates Ori's leadership position in intelligent application orchestration across distributed clouds.